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I thumb through that volume occasionally, as it covers roughly 5 yrs of my life, and I am still taken unawares when I hit the page I wrote when our dog died, or the line I wrote the day my wife left me. I know what you mean. There is a line from Donne on mortality that I wrote in my own book while on a train on the way to my brother's funeral. It captures something about that grim day the way nothing else can. For 1D data, I save all my notes as text files on Linux providing maximum extensibility and longevity.

If you want to ramble about, search on a common string, bam! You'll have more to read than you can handle.

If you want a never ending string of words, run a script over the directory. UTF-8, Woot!

That said, I have 20 years of sketchbooks for 2d and simulated 3D information as mixed media collages and sketches. This saves me from falling into the trap of recording text strings in books for tactile reasons. If it's hand drawn, then it's also necessarily a visual expression. I thought this was going to be about Welcome To Night Vale's publisher. But I see they even have commonplacebooks. Thanks for this!

Commonplace Book, 1759–1772

I'll dive into the links in a minute, but just wanted to say: Holy shit, my commonplace book post is 10 years old! I find they provide a better snapshot of my mental landscape than more traditional journals Yes, ricochet biscuit, yes. One needs startling juxtapositions, images that are more or less peculiar, ridiculous, even indecent. When you have made the images, you place them about the world in locations you choose, each one with its parcel of woods, of figures, which they will yield you on demand.

And yes, the reading of these jottings so often provokes powerful feelings. I've been doing this off and on for years and never knew it had a name! I've been inspired to drag out my Moleskine and renew the habit! Pens and paper just do it for me, and I'm always trying to figure out ways to get myself to actually use them. The original link is a few years old. I actually read it about two years ago when I wanted to start writing more. I marked off a few pages in my pocket decomposition book and started transcribing passages I enjoyed from "Letters From a Self Made Man" - I thought it was great fatherly advice about how to run a business, but it turned out it was written by a childless newspaperman.

I've not really written down quotes or passages since then. I'd have to transcribe entire pages, entire field notes books worth, or nothing at all. So I do nothing. I like the idea of copying down things that are meaningful to me, but my life is filled with meaning. The internet is my Curated Meaning Minifeed - "oh wow, that's quite profound and interesting. On the flip side, the things that are truly so very meaningful are things like the episode-long podcast Mike Duncan did on the French Revolution.

There is no quote, no summary, that will capture what happened. The 1 lb bullet doesn't have much impact, without the lb gun to fire it. So now i just jot down thoughts about things i like and dislike. I write about depression and fun days. I draw a lot of pictures of myself. I even have a list of things I like to read written down in one of my notebooks somewhere.

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But it's in a notebook somewhere, so I have to guess, that what I would like to return to someday and read are opinions in response to something, adventure notes, slice of lifes, and none of that blathering that uses up so much ink in my notebook today. I kept a commonplace book when I was 17 and 18, during my first and second year of college.

There are also journal entries in it here and there, but mostly it's quotes from my reading, interesting words I learned, the titles of every book I read. I pasted in a few political cartoons and comics, and the set list from a Bruce Springsteen concert. It's a very cool notebook to go through; I like it better than reading old journals. The Coll.

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They make a greater shew , more Expressions of Kindness and Friendship, than they really have for any Man. He wanted to convince B. Perhaps he wanted his good Words at home at Braintree, to his father and Brother. I have no Dependence Opinion of our Courts.

Commonplace Book | American Poetry in the Age of Whitman and Dickinson

They act as the spirit moves them. He has no Candour , no Charity. He is censorious. He is spightful. Ephraim Thayer told a Story the other day that he saw a small ground Squirrell run away with 2 large Ears. He introduced it with a solemn Train of Circumstances. He raised a great deal of Corn, and could not imagine how it went. At last he lay and watched it and soon found that the squirrells were the Thieves for he saw one single ground squirrell run out of his fold with 2 Ears.

Another time he was a gunning and he saw at a little distance a Partridge at the foot of a Tree and a grey Squirell , at the Top of it. He wanted to get both, but he knew if he shot at the squirrel the Partridge would fly, and if he shot at the Partridge the squirrel would run away before Page 26 View larger image. An Advocate. They should not be interrupted in their studies by [ illegible ]. De quota litis. Tis a public [offence? Have this moment finished Woods new Institute of the Imperial or civil Law. It is a great Help to the in the study of Van Muyden and Justinian. I understand Wood much better for having read Van Muyden, and shall now understand Van Muyden much better for having read Wood.

Chancellor Hardwick used at night to take off the Robes of his office and lay them aside. Chancellor lie there till morning. Out of [Hannah] and [Esther] might be made a very personable Woman but not a great soul. She is pleased. I find that the Chat I had with H. While my Eyes are on my Book, my Attention, my Imagination is playing and prating with her. These scenes of Pleasure make too deep Impressions on my Imagination. I see H. Page 27 View larger image. A Contest, a Combat between Reason and Passion is unequal.

A struggle between Reflections upon Law and Reflections upon Love, between an Inclination to study and an Inclination to ruminate on the Prate, Banter, laughter, looks, airs of the Girls, is likely to be followed by Victory on the side of Trifles. I asked Mr. Wibirt if he made the fowl eat his Comb and Gills to make him couragious? You eat it I believe and that made you so couragious. This is ill breeding. I find, that by walking, riding, and talking so much, I have got a restless Habit. As I set, writing or reading a Thought, a Desire of running over to the Drs.

Next minute a Thought and desire of running down to Dr. Thus Reflections upon past and Projects for future Pleasures, interrupt my studies. Enim for omnis Res, every Thing. Virtus, Virtue. Fame, Decorum, both divine and human Things, obey, bow with Reverence to fair Riches: which, whoever has accumulated, heaped up, he will be handsome, valiant, just [ illegible ] wise, and a King, and what ever he will.

Key to Colors and Formatting

An obligation is abolished, by Novation. A Transfer of the 1st Obligation into another. Transfer the obligation by Changing the Person, shift the Debtor.