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So just like a real baby, after Sparkle eats she needs to go to the toilet. But look out!

Seal the open parts of the box up with masking tape and then cover with the sticky backed plastic. Alternatively you could either paint the box or cover it with coloured paper. Cut the hole with your sharp knife or scissors and then use the piece that you have removed to trace onto the felt to get the mouth exactly the right shape.

Trace slightly wider than this for lips and cut the lips out from the felt with a hole the exact shape of the piece removed form the cereal box. Once the pieces are glued on allow them to dry overnight while lying flat so that they stay in place. Are you following us?

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That looks like a perfect way to play and learn at the same time. My granddaughter loves to do crafts when she visits us so this will definitely be one we will try the next time she comes over. Thank you for the wide selection of fun ideas with good pictures to show us how to make them ourselves. Glad I ran onto your site! Thank you so much for this idea.

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In a basement somewhere in America, some 11 year old is now figuring out a better way to do it We are Americans. Whether is straws or immigration we have always had the ability to solve problems. We can build anything better, faster and stronger than anyone else in the world, cheaper too if the market is honest. I actually like paper cups. My mom actually brought this up to me, instead of the other way around.

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The high demand is such a good thing. Even making paper creates waste and uses.

Even making paper creates waste and uses a lot of water, but it is such a large step forward. I think this is the preferred alternative, if we HAVE to use single use items at all Years ago the environmental culprit was disposable diapers and sanitary napkins. Now it's straws. Depends which side of the looking glass you want to use: since we can't do anything about reducing gas and coal we hunt for the straws that will destroy our planet.

Makes sense to me-let's start small and stay small. Who can make it faster and cheaper in America? Can you name a few?


While I understand they are a business who obviously wants to protect their IP, and they do clearly care about the environment, it strikes me that they could help provide a lot more paper straws to meet demand if they were willing to share some of their research. The market is clearly big enough, and. In Hualtuco, Mexico straws are a danger to the turtles that are plentiful. This paper would be a good addition in areas that turtles raised and release into the ocean. My grand son Emiliano did a class trip to help protect the baby turtles while they crawl to,the ocean.

Visited this location this past. Visited this location this past winter and will be back for 9 more months on September 1, A great place to retire. Skip to navigation Skip to content. From our editions. Private equity firms are raising billions to back African businesses but need to do more deals. Why are workers more resentful of criticism when the boss is a woman? Read more on Eater. From Our Members Become a member to contribute. Like contribution by Laurel Touby liked 9 times 9.

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Bill Gates thinks understanding the body’s microbiome will help solve malnutrition

Every time I am forced to use a paper straw I briefly consider becoming a libertarian. Like contribution by Mike Steib liked 4 times 4. I read about one bar that was using watermelon rinds as stirrers instead of straws and another that switched to straws on demand instead of just Will be fascinating to see which companies—whether it's Aardvark or a startup that hasn't even launched yet—suck up all this new business for eco-straws.

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