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I didn't believe it. The whole transformation was somehow too soft and had zero impact to me as a reader.

Few things didn't make sense at all. At first it seem a great read about how fear transforms human, but it turned to pathetic and repetitive to the point that it was simply boring. Also, noticed some people call it "generic fantasy" - have to agree. Nothing is very new or very inventive or particularity creative. I think with editing done right this books was at least half shorter.

Sep 18, Tosh rated it really liked it Shelves: buddy-read , sword-sorcery. It is no misfortune if you do not know where you are going; it is far worse when there is no longer anywhere to go. He who stands on the path of experience cannot step away from it, even when it has come to its end. For the path is without end.

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I have to be honest. In this instance though the main character, It is no misfortune if you do not know where you are going; it is far worse when there is no longer anywhere to go. In this instance though the main character, Egert, is not changing of his own volition.

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He's cursed - forced to be the kind of man he has always despised, forced to view life from a different perspective. I felt a lot of emotions throughout this book, but pity was probably the strongest. There was no doubt this man deserved at least a portion of his plight, but with every new experience it became harder and harder to watch Egert slip into hopelessness and despair. It had me wishing he could find some way of overcoming this horrible existence. This story is a little bit different from the usual fantasy. With the exception of the magical curse, and a few events that happen toward the end, the story focuses more on the emotional and physical turmoil of the main character than any of the usual fantasy elements.

This is the second book in a series that was originally published in Russian, and the only one of the series translated into English.

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  • But not to worry if you're thinking of picking it up. With the exception of one character, who definitely deserves his own book , this reads as a standalone. And, hopefully with enough reader interest maybe the publishers will see it in their hearts to make the translations available in the future.

    Devoured in two days. Believable people taken on a journey far from their first selves.

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    Engagement rating 5 Style rating 4 PS. May 05, Mia Darien rated it it was amazing. It's like when you see a beautiful performance, but one that is sad or haunting. Someone singing or dancing, some artistic expression, that moves you profoundly, but in such a way that when it's over, you don't know if you should applaud or not. It is not a performance that inspires a burst of jubilation, but it was so good that you know you should applaud. This book had an interesting meandering quality to the plot.

    Something I think that if it had been presented to an American publisher, they m It's like when you see a beautiful performance, but one that is sad or haunting.

    The Scar (novel)

    Something I think that if it had been presented to an American publisher, they may have torn right out of it in their great efforts to make every book unique and exactly like every other out there. This was originally published in Russian, but I find that the Russian-to-English novels I've read have a very unique feeling that I like. I felt this book very strongly. I think perhaps Egert's struggles with his curse resounded with me because I fight a chronic and sometimes nearly crippling Anxiety Disorder.

    While it is not as pronounced or like his, anyone whose fought that intense, irrational, uncontrollable fear will, I think, understand this book best. But the wandering -- an appropriate word for it -- never lets you fall out of the book. You flow with it in it's haunting, lyrical sense. And yet it's very It is indeed lyrical and direct. You just In the end you realize that when the performance is truly that beautiful, jubilant or not, you must applaud. I don't think I'll be forgetting this story any time soon. While this husband and wife team have been writing and receiving awards for books since , their works are, for the most part, in the Ukrainian and Russian languages.

    Written in , The Scar is apparently the first to be translated into English and has only come to Western shores this year. While this is the middle book of a trilogy, unlike other trilogies, this installment stands quite well on its own though I hope that the remaining installments become available in English. I cannot wait to read them. These are masterful writers. While not one for spoilers, I will only say that this is a book of the fantasy genre that, while there is sorcery and sword-fighting, none of it is gratuitous.

    While there is a great deal about love, there is not too much romance. For my liking, all of these were good attributes. The book is about great courage and great cowardice, self-discovery and redemption. This is a wonderfully rich and vivid story about our humanity, our psychology and the nature of both. For me, perhaps the most powerful aspect of the book had to do with the power of forgiveness. This is story-telling at its best. When beginning to listen to this book, I was already engaged but not engrossed in listening to one and reading another literary work of fiction.

    I was becoming drained by the complexity and work that I had to put into both. While simple in its parable-, morality play-like nature, it still had the depth and richness of quintessential Russian literature. The characters are richly and completely drawn. The plot is riveting, surprising and unpredictable to the end. The prose, perhaps owing to the translation by Elinor Huntington, is engrossing, lyrical and poetically beautiful. The narration by Jonathan Davis did justice to the book. For the most part, that was not the case with this selection.

    The narrator disappeared and the book revealed itself in all of its beauty. That was a distraction for me but the passages were few and far between.

    I think that it was a personal thing and I will not dock him for it. He did a superb job. Rating this book is difficult for me. I would like to rate it within the context of the rest of the trilogy because of some unmentioned comments but two-thirds of that are unavailable. So, in the interest of enticing you to rather than dissuading you from reading this masterpiece, my fine reader of reviews, 5 Stars it is.

    You will not be disappointed. Some of their shorts and novellas were really nice too. Absolutely new level of artistry.