Where the Heart Lives: A Milford-Haven Novel (The Milford-Haven Novels)

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Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. July 30, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Enjoyed the story lines and characters but was left hanging - the third book suggested in the back of this book Why Hearts Keep Secrets does not exist so I feel left hanging with no completion to the stories that were built through two books.

I can't recommend buying either in this series as I was so disappointed not to be able to finish the stories from the first two books. August 17, - Published on Amazon. From first reading, I have loved the Mitford series.

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Great insight into people - good and bad. So nice to read a book that is not full of blatant sex, profanity or violence. The Mitford series offers prayers, perspectives on God's goodness and plan and shows us not just the bad but, mostly, the good in people. Mitford brings to mind Mayberry. I have enjoyed the insight into the life of a cleric seeing that they are human and less than perfect as are we all. August 1, - Published on Amazon.

I generally don't read much commercial fiction but something caught my eye with this one. It contains, for example, the course work notebooks and texts I read and studied to earn my literature degree in English, American, and Japanese lit. It also includes books that became landmarks — some for personal, some for professional reasons. It has a rotating selection of fiction and non-fiction books that I donate after enjoying. And it holds earlier editions of my books, as well as published works by friends, colleagues, and consulting clients. What is your favorite genre?

I have several. I love my readers and want to know what else they enjoy reading. And I have a community of fellow authors in my genre. When did you receive your first book? In infancy. My parents surrounded me and my sister with books and had an expansive library themselves that they always encouraged us to explore. I was the youngest person in our town to be granted a library card at age 3, by which time I was already an avid reader.

Do you have an all-time favorite book? The Tale of Genji by Lady Murasaki. This is thought to be the first novel written, and it was written by a woman. My second favorite is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, the first novelist to write not just the behavior but the consciousness and internal dialogue of her characters.

Leave a Comment. Authors are all about words, so I decided to weigh in on the question: why do words count?

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For me, the short answer is in three words: realizing; forming; sharing. The long answer goes something like this.

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Realizing Realization comes as we notice something making sense in a new way. It might come as a metaphor: that swooping butterfly is a Blue Angel jet streaking across the sky.

Whatever the realization is, it comes in words. Words are the connective tissue between idea and expression. We tell ourselves about our ideas with words, using them to move from vague conjecture to clear concept. Forming Formation of ideas happens as we wrestle with our concepts.

This formation process occurs as we try to put our ideas into.

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Where the Heart Lives: A Milford-Haven Novel

This means words might be the most important tool in the universe: the Manifestation Tool. Once we have something expressed in words, our concept becomes actionable. We can list goals, enlist colleagues, plan deadlines, and make it all happen. How would we do it without words? How would be label the drawings, look for property, explain our concept?

And that brings us to:. Sharing Now that we have realizations and ideas that have taken form, we get to share them. I can tell you about my new project, or my recent conversation—which also took place through words.

What the Heart Knows

Some sharing we do in real time. But some of what we have to offer gets shared later. A memo can be read a week later. A letter can be read years letter. A book can be read centuries later.

What the Heart Knows: A Milford-Haven Novel - Book One

But meanwhile, he left behind collections of his words in his hundred-plus books. Long afer we are gone, our words remain. The words we use stay in the memories of those who have heard us. My guest post all about the latest trends in shorter fiction is being hosted today. You might beg to differ. But I promise you, nothing could be farther from the truth. Newer delivery systems like e-books, blogs, and podcasts, have made it not only possible, but easy, for authors to reach their readers directly, without agents, traditional publishers or even bookstore owners dictating what form is acceptable.

When the latest and greatest iteration of my Milford-Haven saga was about to launch, I wrote my first short-fiction piece as a brief intro to my series. When Hummers Dream became my first best-seller and the rest of my books have followed, so my readers and I are on the same page. This is a great way to augment a series of novels. The terrific fellow author and awesome blog host Anne R. Allen invited me to write a post for her marvelous blog for writers. Link right over to her blog to read the post, and be sure to let me know what you think!

Short Fiction is In! When Hummers Dream , my first novelette, came about as one-quarter remembrance and three-quarters imagination. The setting and the tone of this story is idyllic and even a bit magical. Based in part on a real experience I had, I remember so clearly the beauty of that day as my friends and I enjoyed lunch in a gorgeous garden with a spectacular ocean view. And then something bad happened.

My friends pronounced the little creature dead, but I thought not.

Lifting the delicate bird, I carried him to a far corner of the garden, spoke to him as he rested in the palm of my hand, and felt his spirit near. After half an hour he flew off. I knew I would write about this one day, and would try to include the magical-mysterious-spiritual aspect of the experience. Sure enough, the little bird tapped on my window pane as my publishers were preparing novel 1 of my series for launch.

So yes, some of this story actually happened. Where reality ends and imagined-reality begins is hard to say. She seemed to arrive of her own accord and I had no choice but to let her walk all over my beautiful, peaceful story! Comic relief. When Hummers Dream launched, and this novelette flew to the top of the best-seller lists. How wonderful to discover so many of us treasure these precious, tiny but mighty birds who fly thousands of miles each year, bringing joy when they arrive. Visit MaraPurl. Click here to explore your next reads! The word PLAY loomed large in my childhood, as it should in the life of any child.

Children may not yet know how to navigate the world though language, comparative analysis or diplomacy, but at play they are experts. I remember so clearly making castles of sand, or even of thin air, peopling them with fantastic characters, and inviting friends to join me in enacting elaborate storylines. Looking back, at first glance the dramatic role-playing seems cute, predictable, with some usefulness thrown in.

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How adorable that was, learning how to get along with others by taking turns playing the evil queen. Some of these moments may shine down the years, and some friendships may last a lifetime. Sadly, some experiences may also create terrible scars on a soul that a person then tries either to overcome—or to exact revenge—decades later. So play is a word both bigger and deeper than it seems. The protagonist of my Milford-Haven saga is the artist Miranda Jones, who paints landscape and wildlife.